Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Sunday Afternoon with Like Minded Families

Russell and Terri Suchar and
Joel, Corey, Rebecca, and Evan
Kevin and Jessica Dostie and
Abigail, Alayna, Katherine, Emelia

David and Debbie Adams and
Ryan ad Molly
David and Debbie Adams invited us over for lunch after the church meeting. We had a wonderful time in Christian fellowship with the families that met together.


  1. How wonderful and inspiring! I wish we had more friends closer to us to get together! It looks like a wonderful bunch! :)

  2. Emily,
    These families are about 4.5 hours away...and the Lord just arranged our weekend to meet them for the first time. It is truely amazing how the Lord puts people together when they most need it. We honestly do not have anyone close to us that we know of. So it was really refreshing.


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