Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saturday Speakers

Saturday was a full day begining with Kevin Swanson -- Scripture is Sufficient for Your Educational Decisions. He passionately pled to abandon useless form in education and instead to model the fear of God, which is the true basis of all knowledge.
Then in another section Kevin Swanson spoke on The Sufficiency of Scripture and Family Integration. He shared how the battle for the family and the church is being fought on issues of Biblical jurisdiction.
Then we listen to Voddie Baucham compare the typical church's youth ministry with the design the Lord set forth in scripture in his message on Scripture is Sufficient for Youth Ministry.
Voddie Baucham also brought the last keynote address for the conference. The Sufficiency of Scripture in the Discipleship-Making Ministry of the Church and the Home. He taught from Titus 1 and 2 during . He did not just teach us about the sufficiency of Scripture, he demonstrated it by a line-by-line study of this blueprint for godly life.
He used the illustration of a three-legged stool to describe the three vital aspects of age-integrated discipleship: godly, mature men and women; godly, manly elders; and godly, biblically functioning homes. This is the key to harmony between church and home.
He said, “Give your life to the Bride of Christ until you die.” Then, he powerfully showed that Titus 1 contains the list of qualities to which every man must aspire. He spoke directly to unbiblical practices and habits which are so easy to fall into or be immersed in unconsciously.

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