Friday, February 12, 2010

Top Ten Things Ungodly Cultures Hate That the Bible Tells Women

Scott Brown posted on February 11, 2010
1. Women should be keepers at home
2. Women should submit and obey their husbands following the example of Sarah and call her husband Lord
3. Women should dress modestly
4. Wives don’t own their own bodies, their husbands do
5. Women should be fruitful and multiply
6. Younger women should be taught by older women
7. Women should not kill their babies made in the image of God
8. Wives should love their husbands
9. Women should not be busybodies – chat rooms and blogs and facebook
10. Women should not exercise authority over men.

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  1. Dear Mrs. Pena,

    It is very hard for me to understand this mindset, although I know that it is so true. If women only knew the peace that comes from obeying all of God's word...then this would not be an issue at all. I give thanks to the Lord each and every day for my Godly husband, and it is a blessing for me to serve God by submitting to him. Thank you for this post!
    Many blessings,


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