Saturday, March 13, 2010

More Signs of the Season

Each year we go through this season...the road from our house to the village becomes very difficult to drive.  We have to slow way down, take one bump at a time, ride in the middle of the road, and avoid the really bad holes we see!  Even then we may bust a strut...therefore needing a emergency repair.  Soon the ground will thaw and the road will return somewhat to a level surface.  The road crews will come out to patch the holes.  All will be fine until next year when the season repeats itself.  Of course the patches will stay as a reminder that the road was repaired.
This reminds me of our lives... we are going along fine for a season... then the trial.
We slow way down, taking one moment at a time, spending time alone praying, correcting our stubborn ways.  Our heart  may hurt and feel broken, our lives may have broken pieces.  The Lord comes with out stretched arms to mend the broken heart.  Joy comes once again.  Of course, the broken pieces often leave scars on our lives to remind us that we are frail humans in need of a Physican. 

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