Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sing Praises to the Lord

Psalms 109:30  I will greatly praise the LORD with my mouth; yea, I will praise him among the multitude.
After coming home from the piano recital, I was preparing for Sunday, Rebecca and Chris were resting, Steve was mowing, and the girls.  I really didn't know what they all were doing...but I did know that Abigail was with them and they were outside.  As I was in the kitchen I could hear singing.  After going on the deck I saw the girls out in the upper field singing and making melody in the hearts.  So outside with the camera I went.  I really don't know how many more of these type occasions I will have before our girls have homes of their own.  Yes, I know that's what I am training them for...but I like having them around...I like being with them.  So I let the meal for Sunday wait because I had girls to enjoy!!


  1. And then they came in and sang around the piano, and I got to sing a little bit with them. Wish that could happen again soon.

  2. So precious. A memory to cherish, and most definitely worth dropping what you were doing to get the pictures! Thanks for blessing us!

  3. Dear Friends,
    We just loved these pictures and this post! We can't wait to visit with you looks as though we may be in NH around the weekend of July 24th...wonder if this is a good weekend for you?

  4. Ok, I'm really jealous down here in the south that you two know each other....and get to see each other....(Laura and Mandy)

  5. Linda,
    As my children grow up and get married, I realize that time with the children is really short!


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