Friday, July 16, 2010

Keeping the homefires going...

while mom's away!  I thank you, Lydia and Christianna for taking care of Dad and keeping everything running smoothly at home while the girls and I help Rebecca....thank you!  


  1. Mom, I guess you need to know the truth. It is actually Lydia taking care of Dad and me. =) and she is doing a wonderful job. Thanks, little sis.

  2. Well, Mom, I think it's a wee bit too hot for fires. Unless you consider occasionally turning on the oven, a fire. And about keeping things running smoothly...well we have been doing some sanding, so perhaps that will help everything glide right along. Christianna has been trying to keep Dad and I in line. That is, as well as she possibly can. *Sigh* We try not to make it too easy on her.

  3. LOL. Lydia, I am so glad that I was able to comment first. Now mom can know the truth about things. I think that the early bird got the worm. (or I should have gotten more belief on my comment at any rate.)

  4. What can I say? The odds are against me. But that's ok, cause worms aren't my favorite meal anyways.

  5. My girls are quite amusing!! I'll check out the fires, sanding, and worms when I get home....that won't be long now!


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