Thursday, July 8, 2010

Stephen James Galla

The day has come that a son is born.  His Mom and Dad named this little guy after the first 2 martyrs in the Bible.  Stephen and James.  This also happens to be Stephen's Grandpa's name and his Great-grandpa's name.  We pray that this little man from God will grown into the names that are given him.

Now for the hair!!!  I can't hardly believe the different from his big sister's! 
Hers was darker that it is today, but not as much or as dark as this little guy. Looks like he already has a bit of a suntan, also.

He is about 12 hours old in these pictures. 

I can hardly believe...a boy!  


  1. Wow! that's a lot more hair than Abigail had.

  2. He's VERY Handsome! what a cutie. :)

    Much love and prayers for you all!


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