Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend Visitors

July 31-August 1 -- company for the weekend.   I realize that this isn't really unusual...but yes it is...this time. 
This past spring I met Laura on my blog. Mrs. Laura!! Just a few notes  went between us just here and there...then she was going to be in New Hampshire with her son Joshua...and thought we could meet.  
 Thursday before the Wiley's would be coming down from Maine...we had a phone call from the Bergeon's, a family from New Bedford, MA.  We had just met them over lunch the first week in the NCFIC Road Trip conference.  They wanted to spend the weekend with us.
We had just had company over the previous weekend...then an unexpected visit from an Ohio Chiropractor on Tuesday and Wednesday...and now more people that we don't know --yet!!
The weekend was full of meals, conversations, singing, chapel meeting, and more conversations...all so very good.  Good times to remember.  
The amazing thing is that when you meet other believers who love the are brothers (or sisters!) in the Lord.  We have a  common bond that draws us together. We have a common Friend...that friend is Jesus.
Just from simple activities this weekend...we began friendships.
There was once a sign the girls and I saw.  It said:
 "Enter as strangers, but leave as Friends"


  1. Dear Mandy,
    It was an amazing we feel truly blessed to hold in our "memories". Your family opened your home and your hearts to us...and we will never forget this. We continue to pray daily for you all...and we praise God from bringing us together.
    With love,
    "Mrs." Laura

  2. Correction on above note...that should be "praise God for" not "from"...guess I need to put my glasses on! :)

  3. How exciting! It is always a blessing when Our Lord allows us to meet face to face...isn't it?

    What memories you have now Mandy :)

    Rejoice in your blessings!



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