Thursday, September 30, 2010

I enjoy Pesto

I enjoy pasta sauce, with roasted vegetables, on crusty bread, with sautéed onions and peppers, in all our soups, on sandwiches, and with my morning eggs!! Each year we get an abundance of basil to make tremendous supply of pesto to freeze.  This is a simple project.  Basil, garlic, Parmesan, pine nuts, olive oil all go into the food processor....a bit of whizzing about and presto...we have scrumptious pesto!! Then we pour this into our 3 oz Dixie cups and cover with a coating of olive oil and then freeze this.  All winter long we enjoy fresh pesto...lots of fresh pesto!!

Oh, I left one step out...the basil must be picked first!    

We have been making pesto every week or  it rained.  This was Moriah's task for the day...making pesto.  But mom, it is raining, I can't pick it today....Be creative!

Where there is a will (mine of course) there is a way!!
Big sister to the rescue!!  Umbrella in hand!  Hmmm the fragrant scent of basil...being turned into PESTO!

What dear girls I have!!

   She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness.  Proverbs 31:27 


  1. that smelled soo fragrant when they brought it in!

  2. Little sister who isn't little any more, it took big sister to convince you in the first place to actually come out to pick the basil.
    Scenario sounded more like, "But Mom, it's raining."
    "Little sister, I can hold the umbrella and help you pick the basil so you don't melt in the rain."
    "Ok, ok...."

  3. Good Morning Mandy,
    What a wonderful idea...freezing the pesto in little dixie cups! I'll have to give this a try.
    Hope all is going well as you prepare for your trip.
    Sweet blessings,

  4. Laura,
    Many years ago someone suggested to me to freeze the pesto in ice cube trays...well I make a lot so the trays would never work- besides they would be so small for the amount I would I started freezing it in small canning jars, Ziploc bags..and other ways until I discover the Dixi cups...that stuck and we have continued with them. All you do is peel off the paper and toss them into what you are cooking!
    I think we are about ready for our trip...whether we are ready or not, when Wednesday arrives, we will be leaving! We still have 2 birthdays that must be celebrated on Saturday and another on Tuesday. Monday and Tuesday we will clean house, do laundry,finish all last minute items, and pack the van. We are excited. And so are Nathanael and Jersharelah!!


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