Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It seems to me that when one has so much today to prepare for something....real life seems to jump in.
So we are planning a trip...everything is focused on the trip(or so it seems)...but everyday real life still is going on!
We are preparing to travel 2000  miles to South Dakota to Nathanael's wedding.  Actually we are only going 1400 miles to the wedding and then another 600 miles to the Badlands and the Black Hills of South Dakota.   There's lots of planning for the actual trip: hotels, routes, sites, etc. There's the planning and making of clothes for both the wedding and the adventure in the Hills. The van care...making sure all  mechanical things are working properly on this 12 year old vehicle...before it embarks on this journey.  Then there is all the things to be done at home...the garden cleaned up and prepared for winter.  All the canning and freezing completed.  A house sitter.  A cat sitter---oh... 2 adult cats and now 5 little kittens!!
Mind you real life is still happening...business work, school work, cleaning, laundry and cooking, doctor appointments, appointments, appointments....
But I do have a schedule and plan to accomplish it all!  Even leaving room for those unexpected things that aways do happen at the last moment ---or have I left room...Please don't mess with my plan!

Thursday my husband says:  "Would you like to go to the seminar with me this weekend?"(interpret-- Go with me to the seminar.) What?  That is not in my schedule...  The phone rings and the neighbor says "Do you want the tomatoes left in my (large) garden and how about a bushel or so of apples that need to be taken care of now."  I am done with tomatoes--but we could always use more and they are free!!  We really like apple butter....but this won't even fit my schedule.

  So the girls say "Oh Mom, go you'll enjoy yourself!"  So I go to bed and think on this...this is everyday real life.  So I go! The seminar was really great!  The time with my husband was the best part...on the trip over we listened to Bible on tape, John MacArthur about Apostasy, the local news to hear that we had an earthquake on Friday night at 11:28.  Yes this time was good for me, for us--just time together.
And when we arrived home:  the house was clean and tidy, laundry was done, burritos were made and frozen, all the tomatoes were canned and the older girls were teaching the younger girls to crochet!!  All went well.  Everyone enjoyed their days.
And this week is going just fine!!  Eight days till we leave...and we will be all ready!
My girls are really terrific!


  1. Dear Mandy,
    Doesn't it always seem that when we have a huge amount to do...a huge amount gets done! Praise God for our children...and their willingness to help out without being asked. God is so good. He knows what we need...who we need...and when we need it. But, after all, all we really need is Him.
    Our family is praying for you all...for a wonderful trip...a beautiful wedding...a restful time together. Life is good.
    Sweet blessing, my friend,

  2. Mom, You make us sound so much more responsible than reality! And even if we really were half as good, I know where the credit goes! Love you, Mom.


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