Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Walpole, A Scenic Town for Foliage

In this months issue of Yankee,  Walpole, NH  was list in The Top 25 Towns for Foliage in New England. Listen to what they say about our little village. 
 "When filmmaker Ken Burns went looking for a home, he landed here, a beautiful village with a town green bordered by 18th and 19th century homes and churches, with farms, orchards, and the Connecticut River for close company! Alyson's Orchards is simply one of the best orchards in the country, with a heart-stopping view.  Leave room for a stop at Burdicks for world-famous chocolate and exceptional dining."  page 58
  Sounds like a place I would like to visit...oops...I live here!!  
The leaves are beginning to change---It looks a lot like Autumn!!!



  1. Yes, a wonderful, quaint, picturesque little town!

  2. People who came to the wedding called it a 'storybook village'. =)


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