Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 12 Home again, home again

We did something rather crazy...we drove through the night.  Steve started out driving until about 10pm-ish and then  Christianna took over until 2:30am, then back to Steve until we were home today at 11am.  I woke up about 9 am in Bennington, Vt. Oh it felt so good to be back in New England.  
When we arrived in Wilmington, VT we got out at a Country store AND quilt shop.    Since Lydia traveled back with Rebecca...she missed this one!  We will really need to visit this quilt shop again!
Oh, we now see cows...dairy more bison.  Just Dairy cows on the hillsides!
Trees, Trees, and more trees.  Although it is past peak (which must have happened while we were gone), it still is beautiful...hmmm I wonder if that is because I just love being back home!

By 1 o'clock we had completely unloaded, washed clothes, picked up the mail, called patients, and ate a hot lunch. We arrive to cool crisp air...the house was 53 degrees when we walked in--chilly.  This is the coldest we have experienced in the last 2 weeks. 
Our trip was truly wonderful...but being back home is wonderful too!  


  1. Yes, New England it beautiful. Even being back in VT was nice. New Hampshire is just next door...

    And was it chilly! Except for the last day there, I think we had pretty warm temperatures in SD. Upper 60's and 70's, right?

  2. Dear Mandy and Family,

    So thankful that you all made it home safely and that you had such a fabulous trip! And yes, this last post made me extremely jealous...quilt shopping in Vermont! My sister lives in St. Albans (just north of Burlington, VT) so when I visit her a trip to all the quilt shops is a must!

    The temperature here in New England has been a bit on the frosty side...we've had a little fire in the woodstove most evenings this past week. I'm not quite ready for snow yet though...

    Once again, blessings and congratulations on such a joyous occasion!

  3. Hello Mandy!

    Yes, the dear couple from CT and their little ones did just fine, and we all had a blast with them. Thanks for the nice comments about the blog. It's a therapeutic outlet for me. And I love encouraging others by being real. It's a thing we both do, eh?


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