Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 5 Scenic Beauty

First stop:  Custer State Park's Wildlife Loop
Prairie Dogs
Mule Deer
More bison
and more bison
And close up bison
Prong Horn Antelope
White Tail Deer
Mountain Goats
Wild Turkeys
Here they come
Many colors and sizes
The mules!
Then it is on to the Peter Norbeck Scenic By way
Iron Mountain Road

First all the signs...seems like an adventure

The the thrill of getting out 15 passenger Ford Club Wagon through the 6 small tunnels on this road...but it was worth the tension...!

Then round and round the three Pigtail Bridges.  The van is full of squeals and excitement.  This is better than a roller coaster.  Click on picture to learn more.

Finally we arrive at the last leg of the By Way...the Needles Highway.

Towering rock "needles" with their points down are "stuck" into the ground.  I had my zoom lens on and could not get the full height of these enormous structures.

Then we pass by Cathedral Spires

After a full day of wonder at God's creation...we relaxed and enjoyed fellowship at the cabin.  This particular day I took 1004 pictures-- so although this blog is rather is just a small fraction of what we took in, in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

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