Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 8 Badlands Experience

Our day trip takes us through the beautiful Spearfish Canyon Scenic By-way with a few waterfalls and lots of rock formations.
After a quick visit to the historical railroad station in Deadwood we headed south to Rapid City

At Rapid City we saw the "dinosaur" over looking the area.

After a quick stop in Wall 

I feel that is so impossible to choose pictures for our Badlands adventure...I took well over 300 with my camera alone...then there is Rebecca's, Lydia's, and Keziah's camera's.  Although this is a "bad land',   we marveled at the structure and formations of this land.  Here are just a sampling of the pictures we took.
Just entering the Badlands we came upon this beautiful site
The girls are walking on a rather high wall of sunbaked mud and stone.  I am on a flat, level, safe piece of ground being very nervous for the rest of my family whom did not seem to be nervous.  A good zoom lens is handy for these situations!

Flowers of the desert

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  1. Dearest Friends,
    What an amazing journey you've had...such incredible pictures...and memories. Thanks for sharing them with all of us.

    Tomorrow is such a special day for all of you. Please know that you are all in our prayers. Please extend our warmest greetings to the newlyweds...may their day (and lives together) be filled to overflowing with God's richest blessings. Enjoy this special time with all the family together...making memories that will last a lifetime.

    We are also praying for traveling mercies as you venture back home to New missed quite a storm brother from Concord just arrived this evening and filled us in on the NH wind and weather!

    Take care, dear friends...
    Sweet blessings and love,


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