Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Birthday, Keziah!

Happy Birthday to a very special young lady --who is the spice of our lives.


  1. Happy birthday Keziah! You are a special young lady - and you always make me laugh. :) Hope you have a wonderful day! I like your birthday cake - it looks pretty and delicious!

  2. Dear Mandy,

    This is such a great picture! Did one of you crochet Keziah's poncho? It is so pretty!

    It was so good to hear from you...I posted a response to your comment on my blog about the woodstove. Hope it helps.

    Stay warm and cozy!

  3. Laura,
    We actually picked up this poncho at a craft fair this fall. Keziah really likes wearing ponchos...she has 3 of them right now.
    Also I did read about the woodstove. We have a older VT Castings Defiant which we use in our livingroom upstairs. We are just thinking about putting one in our family room downstairs, the girls spend time down there studying and working on projects. But I think we are waiting till summer and use it next year.
    I thought I would have more time to post on my blog since we have high speed internet...but teaching the girls, homemaking, and general life takes so much of my time.
    Have a good day.

  4. Dear Mandy,

    Aren't craft fairs wonderful! I've found some of my best craft ideas at places such as these.
    I love ponchos, too, and capes as well.

    If you are planning for downstairs...a stove like ours would work well for you, I think.
    I just love the feel of wood heat...it just seems so homey!

    I can understand your frustration with posting...there just never seems to be enough time in a day to do all the things we want to do. I have so many craft projects just waiting by my sewing machine...although it seems as if I can get a bit more of these done in the winter when we don't have the garden.

    I hope that everyone in your family is well. You've had so many exciting wonderful things happen in your family in the past year...wonder what the Lord holds in store for you all in 2011?

    Have a blessed evening,


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