Sunday, January 16, 2011

Family Portrait -- 2011

Most current picture ...especially for all you Floridians!
Since it has been so long since we have seen you,
  I thought I would remind you of the characters in our family!!!
From left to right:  The Dad(Steve), the Mom(Mandy),
 Keziah, Moriah, Deborah, Lydia, Christianna
If you want the details of this creative photo, look at Christianna's blog post.

Note:  All rights reserved!!


  1. We had a wonderful time just being a family unusual things together. I enjoy the pictures on your blog.

  2. I'm glad you retained a bit of... decorum in the midst of all this. =)

  3. Rebecca,Someone has to keep their sanity here -- it might as well be me!

  4. Oh my goodness... I really like this :)



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