Monday, September 26, 2011

Bountiful Peaches

 This year our local peach crop has been abundant!! Several bushels needed to be preserved.
 Pickled Peaches and Peach chutney
 Peach butter and jam

Peaches were frozen for Fruit Smoothies this winter.
Peaches were turned into cobblers, pies, and crisps.
Peaches made into yogurt parfaits, home made ice-cream, and fruit smoothies.
But the favorite way...was just eating them!!


  1. Yum!!! Yum!!! Yum!!!

  2. Lydia from IL,
    So you like peaches too. We have had so much fun creating all types of desserts and salads with our peaches this year.

  3. Good Morning Mandy!

    Just thought I'd stop by for a visit...seems like we haven't "talked" in ages! I just finished my canning for the winter...lots and lots of applesauce! God is so good...we had a wonderful garden this I was able to put up quite a bit of fruits and veggies...both by canning as well as freezing.

    Hope you and your family are all well. It is unbelievably warm here in Maine for November...not that I'm complaining. I think we had snow this time last year! We have had the cookstove going most mornings, though.

    Have a very blessed day, my friend,


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