Saturday, September 24, 2011

Irene Left her Footprints

We have had many phone calls and emails several weeks back wondering how we are ... flood wise.
Here in Walpole, New Hampshire we are fairly dry...a few roads in repair because of water damage.  Because we live at a high elevation and no dams in our area breached...we experienced minimal flooding.  Winds didn't exceed normal blizzard winds, so there wasn't much damage to trees.
But just across the river...was a different story.
 Roads broken and closed.
 Fields and crop covered in mud - 3-7 feet deep. (that's the white coating you see)
Mud-- where mud normally is not.
Folks we know in Vermont, either have actually experienced great destruction themselves or live in towns and villages that have.
I think the spirit of New England still prevails...this is a bump in the road...lets rebuild and start again.  Those that haven't had damage are helping those that have damage.

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