Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Denise Sproul is at home with the Lord

Denise, enjoying the blessed vision of our God and Father, is at home with the Lord. Cancer no longer afflicts her, and every tear has been dried away. The Queen of Orlando casts her crown at her Savior’s feet, and together, they dance. 
Read the tribute that Doug Phillips wrote about her  here

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  1. Dear Mandy,

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog for a visit...for your sweet comments and prayers for my family. It came at a perfect time...as God so often does for us.

    This tribute to Denise is so moving...and such an inspiration to us all. One of my favorite homeschooling books is "When You Rise Up"...I cannot tell you how many copies I have shared of this little gem over the years. Doug did an amazing job with his tribute to Denise...we all need to hold our families a bit "closer"...as well as our friends. Time is so short...

    Sweet blessings to you, my friend,
    With love,


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