Friday, December 2, 2011


My daughter, Christianna Marie has become a Lilla Rose consultant. Lilla Rose sells beautiful feminine
jewelry for ladies hair.

One of the accessories that sell is the Flexi8 Clips. They are so comfortable, and very easy to use.  Over the years, my hair has gotten thinner, making it harder to find something that stays in my hair well. These clips come in seven different sizes for various hair lengths, types and textures. They have one small enough for me.  
These clips never pull hair out when you remove them.  
Be sure to visit Christianna's LillaRose site by clicking on one of these pictures or the LillaRose button on my side bar.


  1. Dear Mandy,

    I haven't had much opportunity to "blog visit" lately...but I stopped by yours (and the girls) and I just love the looks of these clips! So pretty! I usually have a tough time finding clips that will stay in my hair (or that my hair will stay in!)

    I enjoyed looking at your Thanksgiving precious. Hope all is well with you and yours.

    With love,

  2. Laura,
    I life has been so very busy...a very good busy. We had company (actually companies) from Nov 2 till Nov 27!! My parents, Nathanael and his bride, all our other married children, plus others that spent time at our house. Thanksgiving was very good!


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