Friday, April 27, 2012

Family Glimpses

Our family, but missing a few spouses and a grandchild. 
We were so thankful that Tabitha and Susanna were able to drive down from New Hampshire and that Nathanael was able to fly out from South Dakota to be with us.  This is the first picture we have had made together since Rebecca's wedding 6 years ago.  Of course there are a couple little people now added to the group.
 And these are all of our children.  
They were standing on un-level ground so the true height of each 
can not be determined from this picture.
This is their names by height:  Nathanael,(of course, at 6'2") Rebecca, Moriah, Christianna, Susanna, Tabitha, Deborah, Lydia, and Keziah (barely 5 foot, of course she has not stopped growing yet!).
This is Chris' family: 
 His Dad 
His Sister, Sherri
His Mom
His Brother, Joe
This is the Galla side of the family 
that came to support Rebecca and Chris for the day.

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