Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday, July 12 Summer 2012 Trip

Day 11
We began the ladies Tea at the historic Menger Hotel with lots of goodies to eat.

Antique hankies for favors.

Beautiful Table settings

 Fancy Foods

 Special people:  Nancy Campbell

Michelle Duggar  
and her girls along with Beal Phillips.

Two hours of music, stories, and encouraging talks.

We then walked over to the Conference center for the
Reformation of Food and Family Conference.
 Mr. Phillips gave the opening announcements and introductions.
We heard Joel Saladin spoke on Food Emancipation:
A Response to the Industrial Food Fraternity
and an Answer to the Question
 "Why Can't you Buy Raw Milk, Ice Cream with eggs, or Homemade Sausage?"
Dr. Michael Bernui spoke on
Your Genes are not your Destiny:
Why lifestyle and Diet may trump genetics in the battle for your health.
Gary Powers spoke on
Why am I so tired?
The truth about adrenal exhaustion.
Chef Francis Fouachon spoke on
The Joy of food in the Christian Home

Mr. Phillips gave two general session messages:
A Biblical Overview of the Doctrine of Food and the Glory of Christ.
Food fight: Bringing Christian Charity and the practical wisdom to the present food debates within the body of Christ.
So many more messages were given in other workshops in the afternoon...but these are the ones we listened to and enjoyed.
There is a fairly large vendor hall that we are really excited about visiting over the next two days.
Day 1 of the conference ended about 10PM---it was a good start.

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