Thursday, December 10, 2009

SOS Church Leaders Luncheon

Steve is enjoying lunch with Paul Washer, Doug Phillips, Scott Brown and other church elders who will share helpful insights on the life of a church The work of a church leader is often an intense form of spiritual warfare. It can include a life of rejection, betrayal, attack, loneliness, ostracism, misunderstanding and pressure on the family. On the other hand, it does include investment in the precious Bride of Christ. Church ministry can also include blessed friendships and expressions of kindness and mercy that anyone is allowed to experience.

Pastor to Pastor - Scott Brown, Doug Phillips, Joe Morecraft and others will be bringing words of encouragement.
Paul Washer, A Call to Purity in our Pulpits

After Steve came back from the lucheon, he shared with us many wonderful conversations from his time with men such as Voddie Bacchum, Kevin Swanson, Jeff Pollard, Paul Washer, Jeff Botkin, and many others.

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