Thursday, February 18, 2010

Avatar: A Worldview Review

This review is written by Doug Phillips and can be found here. Please take the time to read this.

Twelve Things I Learned From Avatar: A Worldview Review of the Top Film of 2010

There is so much that could be said about James Cameron’s riveting and technologically advanced blockbuster, Avatar, but I thought it would be helpful to very simply distill some of the most important messages I learned from this film which is now the highest grossing film in all of history, and which will likely be the most popular film of 2010. Below are the headlines from a forthcoming review of the film:
1. We can experience liberty when our spirits possess alien bodies.
2. Businessmen are evil because they rape the earth for profit.
3. It is noble to be a savage.
4. The earth is our mother.
5.God is female.
6. Animals are our brothers.
7. In noble cultures women are the spiritual leaders.
8. Nudity is freedom.
9. Heroes have foul mouths.
10. Shamanism and demonic possession is a means for healing.
11. Enlightened cultures are spiritually unified with animals and plants.
12. Men are born-again as they commune with the earth.

Bonus Lessons from Hollywood:
1. Pantheism is the religion of the Hollywood elite.
2. Darwinism, with its emphasis on evolution as the defining process for understanding the universe, is at the heart of Hollywood pantheism.
3. A primary mission of Hollywood pantheism is to destroy the Dominion Mandate, the doctrine of Creation and the Creator/creature distinctive detailed in the Bible.
4. Science fiction is the primary genre used as an evangelism tool for Hollywood’s religion of pantheism.
5. Films are more important than schools, pulpits, or politics, for training disciples of this new Hollywood religion.

Bonus Lessons about Christians and Hollywood:
1. Most professing Christians will check their spiritual discernment at the door of a movie theater for a cheap thrill.
2. Most professing Christians love fantasy more than reality.
3. Fantasy books, films, and television shows have trained professing Christians to be polytheists—individuals who believe that you can worship many gods at the same time—in this case, the gods of pantheism and not the God of Christianity.
4. Most professing Christians have greater delight in a pantheistic Hollywood film about non-reality, than in reading the Bible or hearing a sermon about truth.
5. Hollywood understands that the demographic of film consumption by non-Christians and Christians is essentially the same—both look to Hollywood for a fatty diet of entertainment to help them escape from reality.

Posted by Doug Phillips on February 15, 2010

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