Saturday, June 26, 2010

Musical Peace

We always enjoy music recitals --especially if one of ours is playing in it!!  Smile!  Lydia's recital was just the day before Father's Day and her music was one of the best gifts she could give her Dad.  She, along with 8 other pianists, did an amazing performance on her pieces. Lydia has enjoyed the time this year with her new instructor, Jean Travaglini.  But it seems that Miss Travaglini will be passing Lydia on to someone that will "challenge" her a bit more.  We will miss this unique Italian lady this coming year!  We are all so thankful that Lydia blesses our home with music that brings glory to God and peace to our souls!!

1 comment:

  1. Hello Penas!
    What a lovely post...we hope that Lydia will play something for us when we come to visit...we are really looking forward to fellowshipping with you!
    God bless,


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