Thursday, July 29, 2010

Who sharpens the knives in this house?

 That was the question Scott asked.  Oh, but nobody sharpens our knives.  My mom complains, my son in law complains about dull knives.  We just put up with it.  Why?  Well...growing up I didn't learn about sharpening knives.  My husband didn't learn...he isn't the one who this has never bothered him!! Monday night I was trying to slice a tomato and I truly demolished it.  So I am thinking...I need a sharp knife.  My girls needs a sharp knife.  The solution is that we will need to get a new one.
 Scott arrives on the scene.  Master knife sharpener.  Loves doing this.  Out come my horribly dull knives...some I have used for 30 plus years---definitely dull!!  Scott realizes that we have a whetstone for sharpening.  Christianna remembered that she has a sharpening steel.  So Scott starts the slow progress of taking 30 year old knives and making them sharp enough to slice my tomatoes -- THIN.  One by one, he takes the knives and files off the dull edges to a sharp point. 

Oh but he will not always be here so ....everyone must learn to sharpen them.  So one by one he teaches us girls how to file off the dull edges and bring the knives back into use.

 No longer dull and a stumbling block to all of us...but now a sharp useful tool.  Filing takes practice.  Sharpening takes time.

The girls get lessons on sharpening our knives.

The Master Sharpener is like our Lord..refining us to become useful tools in His hands.

  But the word of the LORD was unto them precept upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little;. Isaiah 28:13  

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  1. Oh,Mandy, what a wonderful analogy! And it sounds like you all had such a splendid visit with your guest! Isn't it just so special how the Lord puts folks in our teach us, to comfort us...sometimes to chasten us...all for His glory? Sometimes it is overwhelming for me...that He claims me as His own...
    Thank you again for such a thoughtful message.


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