Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Puzzles of Blessings

As a young girl growing up, my mom would set up a puzzle on the card table in the family room just before the holiday break...then we would work on it a little here and a little there until the puzzle was completed.  So like mother, like daughter --winter is for working puzzles!
  All these years that Steve and I have been married we have not just one puzzle to do during the winter, but often 3 or 4.  Well, after 32 years, one starts collecting more puzzles than will fit on the puzzle shelves!
Right after Thanksgiving I decided we had to reduce the amount of puzzles that were piling up.  Hmmm...we could give them to people that enjoyed working puzzles! So we made a list...with plenty of people on it.  But, we couldn't send the puzzles unless we knew ALL the pieces were in the box.  
That meant we had to work them -- all of them!
We started with the small ones...all the pieces were there -- so we mailed them out to the happy puzzle people!
Then we started on the harder ones.

One, Two, Three, Four, Five...1000 piece puzzles we worked All with missing pieces....into the woodstove.  Would we be able to give another one away this year?  We worked a couple more puzzles that we really like..but thought we would keep those. Like the puzzle of Tampa, with several missing pieces, --but my Hubby grew up there..so we will ignore the missing pieces.  Then there's the Answers In Genesis puzzle that we purchased at the Creation Museum last year...can't get of that one just yet. Then there's the Robert E. Lee puzzle we got at Gettysburg a few years ago. My Southern spirit won't let go of that one!-- The grandchildren will need to know their true roots!!
  So we are still putting puzzles together this winter, trying to find a few to bless others with!
So if you get a puzzle in the mail...just know that you are are neighbor...Love they neighbor!


  1. Dear Mandy,
    What a fabulous idea! We do something similar...there are several folks in town that we know that love to do puzzles...so when we finish a few...we pass them on. We also receive puzzles from these folks...and from others who know we like to do puzzles on cold snowy New England evenings.

    We're getting ready for tomorrow's big storm...right now they are saying 12 or more inches along the coast...are you supposed to get any of this? So glad we've got the wood stove fired up!

    Give our love to all,

  2. Don't puzzle too hard over who to give the puzzles to! They should fit on your shelves better now that you've fed that wood stove with a few. =)

  3. Oh Mandy, we truly love puzzles here in the cottage...but like you, they could get to be too much :)

    Enjoy re-making them :)


  4. Tonight as we listened to a CD by George Sarris about Joseph, some of us worked on Keziah's new 1000 piece puzzle. With 4 -6 people working on a puzzle for an hour a lot can be accomplished!
    Laura, when my parents come up from FL they often bring us several puzzles they have worked on to add to our collection. I think we are only to get about 7 inches a snow tonight. I bought a new shovel to replace one that broke...so we should be able to manage the clean up.
    Rebecca, Yes, we do have more room on the shelves, dear. But I think that it would be really nice to bless someone else with a few more puzzles...are you interested?
    Maria, we do enjoy reworking puzzles...at least some. This year we are trying to determine which to keep and which to give. It is nice to bless others with our abundance.

  5. No, I don't want any. We neither have a safe place to work them nor shelf space to store them...

  6. And isn't it simply 'wonderful' to work your entire puzzle thinking, 'well maybe these pieces are on the floor...they'll turn up sometime.' and then realize that yes, they really are missing. =) Especially when you know someone that would really like this puzzle if only it had all the pieces.


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