Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Famous Woodman's

Steve and I are away at a conference in Peabody, MA.  Tonight we had a bit of time to go out to eat...we drove over to Essex, a little fishing village to eat at Woodman's restaurant. We were recommended to this quaint restaurant by the clerk at the Marriott.  He said they have the best fried clams in the area.  Well, we really didn't want clams, but a big bowl of fish chowder was desired.  We arrived at this unique place to find out they are famous all over New England.  The walls are decorated with pictures and awards they have received since 1914!! I think we enjoyed the history as much as the food!
When I saw the pictures of the men digging clams off the shore of Massachusetts, I was reminded of our friends in Maine who also clam.  I wonder whose clams are the best...Maine or Massachusetts...well since we don't care for clams, I guess we will never know - that is unless someone tells us.
  Click on this picture to learn a little more about them.

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