Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Reasons to Celebrate

At our 2000 New Years Celebration, we had our church family and some other friends over to welcome in the New Year.  About 120 folks! The evening was spent with  good food, games, stories, ice-skating, hymn sing, Bible games, Devotionals and much more. One of the men who was leading some of the group games made a sign that said "Do We Celebrate enough?  We kept the sign and often when we were in need of celebration of sorts...we would pull out the sign.  Well, I am not quite sure what happened to that cardboard sign...but we still find the need to celebrate. 

One celebration we do is 1st Day...the first day of the month is a new  beginning, so we wake up trying to be the first on to wish every one else "Happy 1st Day!"  Maybe we will have a special breakfast, a piece of chocolate from our Favorite chocolate shop, a simple gift, a special note...or even an adventure during the day...we Celebrate a new beginning.
Often we celebrate when things are finished:  when one finishes a math book!, when one finishes "school", when Dad finishes a book, when a room is remodeled, when a quilt is made, when a poem is written when a scrapbook is finished and the list could go on for days.
Some times we celebrate when this begin: Big events:  A birthday- the beginning of a new year, a wedding - the beginning of life together, a birth - the beginning of a new life.  Also the beginning of smaller events:  a driver's license, a new computer, a new tool, a new idea, a new kitten (we have a few coming!).
Just last month we celebrated the life of Corrie ten Boom, born April 15, 1892 died April 15, 1983!!
This month we will celebrate the lives of our mothers...we will give them honor for the love and care they have given to us.

So if you get stumped about something to celebrate just remember

May 15th is National Chocolate Chip Day!!!

This is a really great celebration day...chocolate cookies are a favorite. 

I think you will find the history of this day a bit interesting. Chocolate chips were created in 1937 by Ruth Graves Wakfield when she chopped up some chocolate and baked the pieces in a batch of cookies.  Ruth Wakefield ran the Toll House Inn in Whitman, MA.  Her new cookie invention was called the "Toll House Cookie".  

 Think of all the ways you can celebrate this National Day!
  1. Make cookies for your Family.
  2. Since it is Sunday, invite others over for hospitality and share chocolate chips cookies!
  3. Take cookies to your neighbors and tell them to have a wonderful day!
  4. Take a can of cookies to a local shut-in
  5. Send a box of cookies to a newlywed couple.
Share --  Because we love to celebrate all the opportunities Christ has given us to love others!!

As Believers in Christ, each day should be a new blessing...and our joy should spill over to all those around us. We have been given new life and this life should be one to celebrate...celebrate the little things in life.  Since we are not assured of living here tomorrow...let us be remembered as one who enjoyed life--because of the Giver of New Life.

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