Monday, January 16, 2012

From a Lump of Dough

Cooking from "scratch" is something we enjoy doing. We make yogurt, mozzarella cheese, ricotta cheese, fruit leather and dehydrated fruits and herbs, all our own breads, sausage, and so many more -- even Pasta.
We were having a gentleman for dinner Saturday night.
Lydia cooked homemade Apple cheddar cranberry meatballs in the crock pot.
A big Apple Waldorf Salad was prepared.
Butternut squash and shallots roasted in the oven.
And Christianna made pasta to complete the meal.
She took her ingredients and whirled them in the food processor 
until she had a lump of dough.

She took this lump a dough and put in through the metal rollers of the pasta maker.
First they went through on a large setting until the dough was quite pliable.
Then she turn the knob to put a bit more pressure on the dough.
Then again she turn the knob to put a bit more pressure on the dough.
She did this 6 times until the dough was soft and thin -- just right.

When she had the dough just like she was time to cut it.
This is fairly easy with the pasta maker.  We have several different cutters 
that we can run the dough through to make them different sizes.
Some very thin, just thin, a little wider, wider, and then finally lasagna size.  
Christianna was the creator of this batch of pasta...
she could make it any size she wanted.
Then she put them on one of our laundry driers to dry...
waiting for their time. 

Finally all the pasta was finished rolling into the right thickness,  
finished cutting into the right width.

Now we just waited for the pot to boil with the water.
After the boiling of the pasta 
We enjoyed a wonderful meal with wonderful conversation.

Today Steve spoke at the meeting from James 1.
Talking about the Trials of our Faith.  

This week I have been reading a devotional: 
Trust: A Godly Woman's Adornment by Lydia Brownback

This week Steve has been reading a book to us nightly:
 Power Perfected in Weakness The Journal of Christopher J. Klicka.

We listened to an audio book by Lamplighter Publishing this week:  
Sir Knight of the Splendid Way

Each message, audio book, or devotional book 
pointed out that this life we live in 
is not meant to be easy.
But to be a struggle or even a war 
as the Lord God 
us into a useful
 Vessel fit for the Master's use.
We all have trials on every one is without them,
each ones trials are different from another-- but we all have them.
The Lord uses each trial and testing time to make us more pliable.

Christianna conformed that rough lump of dough
into beautiful and delicious pasta--
fit for a wonderful meal.

Oh that I would be  like that rough lump of dough -
fit for the Master's use.

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  1. Hello Dear Pena family! Just wanted to give a quick note of greeting from the Wilhites......We love you all and think of you often. Praying for you, Shellee


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