Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Bitter Cold of Winter

This morning the temp was -4 degrees at our house.
On the way home from the church meeting.
One of the girls says,
"  Think we will go skating today?"

Why do they want to go when it is worse than 


They have to make a path on the pond for skating...
before they can even begin.
Now it is 8 degrees.

So we load the van-
Steve and I
the Girls
the shovels
and to the pond we go.

Steve stays warm as he shovels for his girls
 in flannel lined jeans 
fur lined bomber hat.

 Christianna comes along to help him with the path.

David Ross makes shoveling a path much quicker.
It's still COLD. 
The temperature begins to drop.
Lydia is the first one to put skates on and try out the paths.

Christianna takes to the ice on skates.

 Although the girls were enjoying the skating...
they were getting COLD.
Hands in pockets or covering ears!

It's 6 degrees now.

Keziah's delight on the ice 
is worth the 
as I aim my Canon xTi 
at my dear ones.


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