Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kamran Scott MacPhail

Rejoice with us!!
Just a little visit with our fourth grandchild who tied the girl and boy grandchildren.  
In April the tie will be broken...
we will just have to wait and see
what Baby Galla will be.
What a blessing to hold this little guy.
Born January 6, 2012
Weight 9.3 pounds
Length 20 inches
Parents:  Scott and Susanna 
Sister:  Ashlyn


  1. Dear Friends,

    Sweet blessings and congratulations on your new little bundle of joy! He is so precious!

    With love,
    The Wileys

  2. Congratulations on the new precious bundle!! He's a handsome boy and good-sized! We're rejoicing with you! When in April is the Galla baby set to arrive?
    I think that April 6th is a good day! ;)

    Love and prayers for you all!
    Shellee for All of us

  3. Laura,
    When Susanna had this little one, Steve and I both were able to be there and give her and Scott some support. That was a blessing. God has certainly been good to us.

  4. Duane and Shellee,
    It is so exciting having the grandchildren. Rebecca is due on the 2nd. She was 2 weeks over with Abigail (the first one) and about a week with we will see when this precious one arrives. She is planning a home birth with a godly Christian lady assisting her!!
    On and now Nathanael...God has been so good to bless us with these precious little ones.
    Your little Grace will be one in just a few weeks...oh how amazing. I'll have to send you a letter soon.


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