Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Hampshire"First in the Nation" Primary.

After taking phone surveys all week
and talking to numerous people
We went to the town hall to do
What all Americans have a right and responsibility to do.
Vote for who we feel is closest to our beliefs.

 The girls voted with us.  We vote all together.

And then we pray that who ever the Lord gives for the Presidential candidate
We pray that he will be a tool in the hand of the Lord.
That we will trust the Lord in what he is doing.
Our trust is in the Lord 
not in men.


  1. Nice that you posted, however I would have to say...we don't look that great. Could be because we had been out ALL day.

  2. We may have been out all day, but it was a great day. Seeing Kamran, Rebecca and the children, and getting you back home. I think you look great! Love Mom


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