Saturday, April 6, 2013

Purification Day 19

When I shopped this week
I didn't get many lemons.
We have used apple cider vinegar in the past
to alkalize our systems in the mornings...
so I thought we would return
to the practice.
Blueberry Orange Smoothie
What a wonderful shake we had this morning.
It was filled with blueberries from our picking last summer,
organic oranges, spinach, celery, and parsley.
Hmm, Hmm Good!!
Lunch was had an Italian flair to it.
Big bowl of salad greens, arugula,
 radicchio, red onions, tomatoes, cucumbers,
Artichokes, and kalamata olives
then Chicken, tomato and basil meat balls.
Dinner was
Spiced lentils on a bed of romaine leaves
 with onions and peppers
topped with avocados!
 While I was putting lunch on the 
chick-a-dee"s were frequenting our feeder
 I tried to get a few pictures of our visitors.
We also had a nut hatch coming back and forth to the feeder,
but he was much harder to get a picture of at the feeder.
I was able to get a good one of him on the top of the feeder pole.

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