Friday, April 5, 2013

Missing Lydia

On Thursday's we do our grocery shopping.
We were nearly done when I turn to go
down one isle and saw this display 
with Traditional Medicinals Tea.  
Ginger Aid was on the very top!

My immediate thought was
"Lydia needs this as she has felt nausea.
I'll just pick it up for her."
As soon as I threw it into the cart,
I realized my error.
She is half way around the world -- Japan.
When the children are with you for so many years,
as a Mom you are always thinking about them.
Even if it is subconscious. 
I knew she needed the tea--
so I just picked it up for her.
I have thought about that today.
When each of the older four children 
have left home
they are still very close to me in my heart...
I still think about doing for them
even when I can't.
It's hard being a Mom
when the children leave.
Even though they are all grown up--
once a Mom always a Mom.
Only a Mom can understand that feeling---
Only a Mom.


  1. Thank you for letting her come, she is such a blessing! I will make her a cup of ginger tea this morning! Love you!

  2. Thank you for thinking of me, Mom. I miss you.


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