Sunday, January 15, 2012

Back in August 2011, I posted a picture of three darling little grandchildren on my "Favorites Wall"
They all have grown quite a bit...
so, I'll up date my "Wall" soon.

I also posted another set of frames

Kamran  is here to fill our Baby MacPhail Frame.

Baby Galla is still waiting to make a grand arrival in April.

But what I didn't show was the whole set of frames
that I put on the wall.

These have been hanging just like this since August on the
Favorites Wall.  
Lots of company has  come through our house and asked about this unique frame. 
 I said I was praying for another little soul to fill the frame.

I just waited
and waited
and waited.
Until the the beginning of January 2012
then I got a very special phone call.
A phone call that delighted a grandma again to be!!!

Nathanael and Jesharelah will be filling the frame!!
 Baby Pena will be arriving
near the end of August 2012!!

What a blessing!  
In 2012 we will have three grandchildren born into this world 
giving us 
six --that is 6-- SIX
grandchildren altogether.
Well, so far anyway!

God is so Good!


  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad to hear, both about Kamran and the new little one on the way! ::)


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