Monday, March 18, 2013

21 Day Purification Program

Today is the day that we have been planning on for 
several weeks now!
All 6 of us are going to go through  the
whole 21 days!!
That's all of us!  
Steve, Mandy, Christianna, Deborah, Moriah, Keziah
We are excited!
We are using the whole food products and guidelines from 
Standard Process.
First thing in every morning we have our fresh lemon juice in warm water.
Today we enjoyed a cleansing green drink.
Fresh Pineapple
Baby Kale
and Ginger
mixed up well in our VitaMix.

At lunch, big colorful salad satified our hunger.
Several salad greens with
Red Grapes
Orange Cauliflower
Pomegranate Seeds
Of course homemade or Bragg's dressing tops this salad.

An afternoon pick me up.
Strawberry, blueberry smoothie!!

Our final meal of the day consisted of another salad with
Green pea sprouts
Lightly sauteed red peppers and Brussels sprouts
naturally fermented carrots 
completed our evening meal.
With our meals or shakes we take our supplements for liver cleansing.
We are trying to drink lots of water or herbal tea throughout the day.
1/2 of our body weight in ounces!!
I do it with herbal teas
especially peppermint tea!!  
So Day 1 is over now.
We all felt like we had plenty, plenty of food.
Yummy fresh food.
Alive food.
Colorful and Delicious!!

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