Monday, March 25, 2013

Purification Day 8

One week down and two more to go.
Today is the first day of this section on
the Purification Program.
Keziah holds her morning smoothie.
Tropical Delight
Coconut butter

Each day we add into our smoothies:
Flax oil or coconut oil 
Standard Process Complete.
SP Complete give essential whole food nutrition in powder which is so easy to add to our morning drinks.
Provides amino acids, essential fatty acids
Supports intestinal,muscular, and immune health
Supports health liver function
Supports the normal elimination of toxins.
Provides antioxidants.
This helps aid in the cleansing during the 
Purification Process.
Lunch was 
"Use a Spoon" Chopped Salad*on Boston lettuce
Sweet potato ( lots of butter)
Pan roast asparagus in butter and fresh garlic.
Chopped Salad  came from 
It is full of veggies
celery,carrots, bell pepper, cucumber, radicchio,  arugula, Savoy, 
and fruit - apple.

Afternoon snack: Strawberry,banana, coconut smoothie 

Dinner was combination of 
soups and salads
saved in the frig.

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