Thursday, April 4, 2013

Purification Day 18

For Breakfast Green Smoothie
1 banana 
½ cucumber 
1 rib celery 
1 handful parsley 
1 knuckle ginger 
1/2 avocado 
1 cup water
Yummy and filling.
(The color is a pale green)
For Lunch
Baked salmon, pan steamed asparagus, 
oven roasted sweet potatoes, 
and steamed orange and white cauliflower.
So I ran out of salad greens this week.  
I don't shop until a completely cooked meal.
We could have eaten the cauliflower raw...
But we LIKE it steamed with lots of butter!!!
After arriving home from Keene
where we had piano lessons 
and did our weekly shopping
I made carrot juice
with a bit of cucumber, apple, and celery
for a quick snack.
I found a good use for the Starbuck bottles!!
We had a quick light dinner-snack.
(did I mention that we seem to have this a lot?)
with a few veggies.
I think some of the girls had some pears and apples also.

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  1. You guys are almost done!!! Great job! Thanks for all the updates and future food ideas...... Much love and prayers,


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